Petrobrás Energia
This was a pilot for a series of infographic animations created for Petrobrás. I was responsible for composing the music, creating and editing the sound effects and mixing the voice over in this animation, having a blast while doing it!
Director: Galileo Giglio Production assistant: Juliana Vilela Accountant: Josi Campos Art Directors: Thiago Oliveira and Pablo Lobo Illustrator: Gal Shkedi Animation directors: Helena Van Kampen and Diego Coutinho Animatiors: Helena Van Kampen, Diego Coutinho, Luiz Gustavo Zanotello, Diego Sato, Paulo Stoker and Gabriel Rezende Additional Illustration: Rafael Muller Script writers: Galileo Giglio and Thiago Schiefer Soundtrack and sound design: Sonoplastico Voice over: Leandro Sosi