Do que é feito um ano?
Cheer all the good things that happened to you this year.

A retrospective of the Itaú facebook fan page’s first year, done with stop motion animation.


Directors: Galileo Giglio and Marcia Leite
Director of photography and animation director: Fabio Yamaji
Art directors: Marcia Leite and Thiago Campos
Executive Producer: Galileo Giglio
Production Assistants: Audrey Nobrega, Fernanda Miranda, Tsui Jin
Animation assistants: Carolina Veirano and Renata Claus
Art assistants: Adriely Lima, Thais Uvo, Igor Berck, Audrey Nobrega, Marcia Leite, Juliana Vilela and Rafael Muller
Illustrators: Rafael Muller, Juliana Vilela, Igor Berck, Márcia Leite and Thiago Campos
Pre-production concept boards: Chaino and Pedro Belluomini
Post-production and composer: Gabriel Rezende
Making of: Paulo Neto
Hand models: Thais Uvo, Pedro Belluomini and Cosme Rosário
Voice over: Leandro Sosi
Sound track and sound design: Caco Teixeira (Sonoplastico)
Special thanks to: Rafael Terpins and Daniel Dias.