Maria do Amparo is a 14-year-old girl who moved from the countryside to work as a maid for a middle class family.

She was raped by her boss and got pregnant. The girl is able to hide her pregnancy from her boss’s wife, but not the child. She gets an ultimatum: to get rid of the child. After walking aimlessly through the streets and in despair, Maria do Amparo throws herself and her daughter into the river. The movie tells the story of Maria do Amparo and her rescue, narrated by those who participated in it (a swimmer and a rower) and other characters who witnessed the events.


A film by Ricardo Pinto e Silva
Screenplay: Lourenço Cazarré, Ricardo Pinto e Silva
Executive producer: Karen Ewel
Art and Photography: M Teriya R
Costume designer: Patrícia Gaspareti
Make-up: Ingrid Kuhn
Film editing: Aline Nunes, Sylvio Rocha
Color grading: Felipe Agnelli
Sound recordist: Geraldo Ribeiro
Sound editing and mixing: Caco Teixeira
Music: Ricardo Severo