Sonoplastico stands for a term that qualifies and conceptualizes my work as a sound designer. Located in São Paulo, the very heart of the biggest metropolitan area in South America, but willing to relocate to wherever good opportunities are, I have the ability to provide a broad range of professional audio services, including voice-over and music recording, bespoke music production, audio editing and post-production for motion pictures. Attention to detail, respect and passion for sound, accurate project planning and sticking to deadlines, as well as striving for offering a flawless customer experience — are core values that guide me in the design of stunning projects. I make music and sound design for advertising, interactive projects, audiobooks, e-books, games, projection mapping, websites, animated movies, short and feature films… anything that needs carefully crafted sound. My ability to play drums, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and some piano has helped me develop a critical hearing, making it easier to spot the best takes when recording. I also find my programming experience a strength when it comes to creating audio assets for digital projects, whether they are games, websites or any other type of projects, desktop or mobile. Through strategic business partners based in different countries such as England, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, I developed music tracks and sound effects for several advertising marketing campaigns for worldwide brands. logos-triton logos-samsung logos-tam logos-porto logos-redbull logos-petrobras logos-pepsi logos-kia logos-mtv logos-coke logos-itau logos-embraer logos-ford logos-nokia logos-adidas logos-citroen logos-bic